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Who says you can pamper yourself too much? NOT US. We love all things skin and body care.

Having worked in skincare during my college years and now having two teenage daughters who purchase too much skincare junk, made me realize how just how much I missed the beauty industry. My goal is to offer premium quality products that I've personally made or personally used and can attest to quality. You will love our Luxurious Lotions, Opulent Body Oils, Bath bombs, Triple Milled French Soaps, Spa Neck Pillows and adorable Cosmetic Bags.

  • French Soaps Ooh La La!

    You will love our French Soaps. We offer Triple Milled Bar & Liquid Vegtable Soaps.

  • Luxurious Skin

    Pamper yourself with our Luxurious Lotions, and Opulent Oils.

    Your skin and body will love you!

  • Candles

    Add to your pampering experience with some aromatherapy. Check out our handcrafted candles made with both essential and fragrance oils to soothe your spirit.

  • Heatable Aromatherapy Spa Pillows

    Tough day leaving you with a pain in your neck? Sit back and relax with our heatable spa products.