French Soaps

French Soaps

French Soaps Ooh La La!

Think of that prized possession you brought back from your romantic getaway in France. Not macarons, not a chic beret, not a custom perfume. No, no, no. You brought back that fancy, only found in a shop where you have to knock two and a half times and have a password to even get in,’ secret recipe…

Soap. That’s right, soap.

Okay, maybe your romantic French vacation looks more like desperately sniffing a dried sachet of lavender while eating cheese and ignoring your kids yelling for you, and not actually roaming French boutiques, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to the finest soaps crafted by French artisans offered by Skinfully Rich. And it may just surprise you in its quality, lasting longer than a quick couple bites of a macaron or wearing a beret before everyone thinks you’re trying too hard.

What is Triple Milled French Soap?

It may just seem like another thing you need to know as everyone is becoming more conscious about what products they’re using, but within a bar of soap lies the difference between a Beauty and a Beast. A maitre and an imbécile. Et cetera, et cetera!

Simply put, Triple Milled French soaps are manufactured by rolling the soap paste through a mill at least three times. Doing this forces the unnecessary water and air from the mixture, and combines all the good oils and fragrances into fine crystals that then make up the bars of this high-quality soap.

This soap artistry began during the Age of Enlightenment when bathing was a thing you maybe did every so often. I think it’s safe to say that if this soap could convince the most hesitant of 18th century citizens to bathe and took over a year to develop for a literal king (see King Louis XIV), it has to be good. And the manufacturing has only become more refined while keeping its original Provence roots in the milling process with Echo France’s dedication to the art of French soaps. Just think, you’re bathing with basically the same thing royalty did in the 1700s for under $7! AND with indoor plumbing...we really do have it all now!

As Easy as Un-Deux-Trois!

I know, it’s shocking. Those miniature hotel soap bars you stuff into your purse that are now gathering dust until you decide to fish them out probably don’t leave your skin feeling hydrated or soft. Because any extra moisture and air is rolled out during the triple milling system, what’s left is the smoothest texture of soap that brings the organic shea butter and argan oil to the forefront.

Triple Milled French Soaps are best known for their creaminess and how well they lather on the body. We all want to be like those people in commercials with an overflowing shower of suds—they just look like they’re having so much fun getting clean! And now we can be like those people, except without all the additives in our soap and a camera crew in our bathroom.

Feel free to make up your own jingle while you get the best shave, or marvel at how soft your skin is. Plus, your Skinfully Rich Echo France Bar Soaps are long-lasting because they aren’t just made up of water like other bar soaps that disintegrate when they sit in your shower, and you’ll be helping the planet, too, by not buying another bottle of plastic liquid soap.

With so many unique and luxurious scents to choose from (and after I have fully convinced you of their life-changing abilities), Triple Milled French Soaps are really an easy switch from your traditional liquid brands. Go crazy, you worldly, eco-conscious consumer you!

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